About the Festival

Gnarl Fest prioritizes the Body as the subject, tool and material of the performance event and aims to rock your world!

Get ready for an intensive week of performances, installations, screenings, workshops and over-drinks discussions led by emerging and acclaimed UK and international artists. The festival hosts artists from more than 10 countries with  3 International and 2 UK Premieres and practices as distinct as saxophone concert, digital performance, academic lecture, live art, dance and theatre. There is certainly something for every performance lover who is interested in finding fresh approaches to art and performance.   

Gnarl Fest inaugurates the advanced postgraduate programme MA/MFA in Choreographing Live Art at the University of Lincoln and establishes Lincoln as a centre for the development of performance art. Gnarl Fest is coproduced by the LPAC and Lincoln School of Performing Arts of the University of Lincoln which offers a diverse portfolio of practice-based postgraduate programmes. 

The artists and the organizing team are all very excited to welcome you and challenge you to a journey of new experiences.