The Team

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Pavlos Kountouriotis
Artistic Director
Pavlos Kountouriotis is a performance artist, choreographer and performance theoretician. He is a Senior Lecturer at The University of Lincoln, Program Leader for the MA/MFA Choreographin Live Art, Visiting Lecturer at the University of Malta and a regular visiting Lectuer at SOZO-VIM.He has worked with seminal choreographers and live artists such as Trisha Brown, Ron Athey, Marten Spangberg, Boris Charmatz, Meg Stuart, Kirsten Debrock and many others and he is an artist of the Sweet and Tender Collaborations. His research interests are focused on the psychoanalytic perspective of violence and pain as the mode for the construction of subjectivity and on the movement as a creator of feelings and emotions. He is a fervent fan of logical thinking and affection.


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Kayla Dougan-Bowtell
Workshops Producer
Kayla is currently Acting Head of School, Senior Lecturer for Dance and Programme Leader for the MA Choreography at the University of Lincoln.  She has been developing dance and performance work nationally and internationally since 2000. Her research interests lie in the possibilities of touch as the principle tool for the transaction and generation of embodied knowledge and the manifestation of presence in performance.  This research is informed by the practice of Contact Improvisation and Yoga. Kayla works collaboratively with artists from other disciplines to create site-based performance, installation, dance film and participatory art works.  She has extensive experience working within community contexts and is recognized for her innovative approaches to project creation and delivery.  
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Craig Morrow
LPAC Theatre Director
Craig is Artistic Director of Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, a creative hub for Lincoln and the region. He is responsible for producing the LPAC’s programme of innovative classics and exciting new work, as well as the overall experience at the venue. Alongside day-to-day programming activities he is particularly interested in supporting artist and art form development within the city, county and region.As a theatre maker he is increasingly focusing on new work that is rooted to the space where it is shown, be this work created through an environmental or sociological response to location or a re-imagining of an existing narrative and how a sense of place can help to re-inform the response to that work.


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Fenia Kotsopoulou
Communications Officer- Intern
Fenia is currently an MA/MFA:CLA student. She is Greek dance artist, performer, teacher, photographer and video maker, living and working in Berlin and in Rome.  Since 2009 she is  developing interactive and site specific performances, as solo performer or in collaboration with musicians, performers and visual artists. Her artistic research is based on site-inspired creations, istant composition and improvisation. She explores different fields like photography, video, painting, psicology and she uses them as a tool and source of imagination during the creative process. Her inspiration emerges from each small event of the daily life and encounters with people.  Gender diversity, the body as gathering place of emotions and memories, subconscious imaginary are pivotal elements of her work.